models wearing sweatshirts

A Guide to the Different Sweat Shirts Fabrics

models wearing sweat shirts

Everyone knows sweat shorts are soft and comfortable.

Did you know though, that your choice of fabric can make a big difference in how the shots feel.

Sweat shorts are primarily made from two different fabrics; sweatshirt fleece and French Terry.

Both of these can be soft and warm, so which one do you choose.

Here’s a guide to the different sweat shorts fabrics.

Sweatshirt Fleece

Most sweat shorts are made with sweatshirt fleece. This fabric looks and feels almost like wool. It is thicker and heavier than French Terry, but isn’t as good at absorbing water. Sweatshirt fleece is a kind of stretch knit fabric. It typically comes in the form of a cotton polyester blend, typically 80%, and 20% polyester. Sweatshirt fleece can also be 100% polyester. The cotton is used to help absorb moisture.

The process of creating sweatshirt fleece begins with knitting twisted yarns into a fabric. The size of the yarn and knit used determines how heavy the fleece is. Heavier fabrics are thicker and warmer. Next time you are purchasing sweat shorts you should consider the weight of the fabric.

We all know that sweatshirt fleece is warm and fuzzy, but have you considered how they do this? To make the fleece fuzzy, a roller is used with wire brushes or sandpaper to get the fibers and yarns soft and curly.

French Terry

Sweatshirt fleece may be the most popular fabric for sweat shorts, but French Terry isn’t too far behind. What makes French Terry unique is that it is lighter than sweatshirt fleece.

That makes it a better choice during the hot summer days. You’ve likely seen Terry fabric at some point in your life as it is what bathroom towels are made from. French Terry is a smoother and lighter variety.

French Terry is different from sweatshirt fleece in that it can be made entirely from cotton.

Even so, it is generally made with a cotton/polyester blend of 80%/20%. French Terry is woven with two separate rap threads, one with loose tension. The loose thread is pushed backwards as the yarns are woven together. This is how the distinguishing Terry loops are created. It is possible to knit French Terry, but is almost always machine knitted nowadays.

Terry fabric is an outward facing flat and smooth surface. It is similar to sweatshirt fleece on the outside, but on the inside it is not as faulty. This is because the loops are left untouched. It is easy to wash French terry cloth with lukewarm water and detergent.


My own personal preference is sweatshirt fleece.

The reason for this is that it’s pretty cold where I live for most of the year. So I need something that can keep me warm.

If you something that is going to keep you warm and cosy in the cold, then you need sweatshirt fleece.

So, what is your preferred material?






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